Bell Sleeves & Fall Colors – Thanksgiving Day Attire


Hello and Happy Thanksgiving! First off, I want to express how excited I am to be writing my very first blog post on MaraculouStyles! I have been dreaming about creating a blog for years, but I have always, always struggled to narrow in on one topic that I would want my blog to focus on. I’ve read several pages offering blog advice that say you really should narrow in on ones specific thing to revolve your blog around. That’s too hard for me: I have so many ideas, so many things I love! So, I went with the best of both worlds and chose to simply center my blog around all things “style,” hopefully giving me a little bit more journalistic freedom and leeway 🙂

So, starting off in true style….

This is my Thanksgiving Day get up! This. Dress. Is. Everything. And bonus: I got it on sale! The minute I saw it I just thought yes, I need to wear this to Thanksgiving Day dinner. The fall colors, floral detail and intricate branch & feather design really just makes me think of the month of November. I’ve really been into neutrals lately, but this dress incorporates some pops of red and green to really bring it to life.


My favorite detail of this dress? Definitely the bell sleeves. I think I have been waiting over twenty years for bell sleeves to come back into style. I love lifting up my arms and seeing the beautiful sleeves dangling below. Naturally I have been ordering up a storm to take advantage of this current trend, so prepare to see more on this sleeve style 😉


I would consider this dress to be a mini – it’s pretty short relative to most other dresses I have in my closet. For the past year or so I’ve really been into the midi-dress style, so this is an interesting change up for me. I do love how the front of the dress is hemmed a little shorter in the front to really compliment the bell sleeve look, which offers a shorter hem towards the top of the wrist. I paired this lovely piece with taupe, over-the-knee suede boots to provide a contrast to the shorter hem (and also to keep my legs warm in this Jersey ‘fall’ weather!) Providing extra warmth and a little bit more contrast to both the dress and the boots are my over the knee socks in a ‘wine’ color. I chose to go with this maroonish color to provide some pop to the burgundy flowers on the dress. I absolutely love the color scheme of this outfit, and as a person who always tries to dress to ‘match’ the holiday this dress was perfecto.


The final piece of this dress that has me head over heels is the high neckline, paired with the low cut opening and topped off by the adorable tie front. This allows the dress to be appropriate for a family dinner but also subtlely sexy and a total confidence booster. It’s not TOOO much, but just enough for a revealing look that won’t have you wrapping your arms around your chest to cover up as soon as the jacket comes off. With a high neckline like this, I would not pair it with any necklaces or neckwear. The high collar dresses the neck up just enough to make a bare neck a-okay.


Want to get your hands on this killer fall holiday outfit? See where I picked these items up and check them out yourself by following the links below!

  • Dress: NastyGal; Size S – get it here
  • Similar Dresses: here & here
  • Boots: Circus by Sam Edelman in Grey Frost; Size 9.5 (half size up): here or here
  • Socks: Navawo in Wine: here

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Xoxo – M



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