Lots of Faux Fur, Some Snow Flakes & Everything in Between – Decorating for the Holidays

Hi! Sorry it’s been a little bit of time before I was able to get my second post up on the blog. I’ve been doing A LOT of shopping – I am sure I am not alone there 😉 so I’ve been trying to brainstorm which direction I wanted to go first. I have been having SO much fun decorating my apartment for the holidays this year. I tried to stick to more of a theme this year, getting everything to flow and match a little bit better. My apartment is not too big, so the more holiday decorations can flow from room to room, the more put together the place looks as a whole. The biggest thing I have been into this year has been faux fur. I just love it! It’s so warm looking, it reminds me so much of cuddling, snuggling and home. That screams Christmas to me. I think it’s a great incorporation for Christmas time because of the white snowy look you can go with, along with the fun santa boot & attire that usually incorporates some of that pretty white fur. Here’s a peak in to how I’ve been decorating for the holidays, along with some links on where to find this amazing home decor!

This is  my  new tree skirt! It’s a two-toned, ivory faux fur 52″ rug. I love this piece! The off-white fur provides a beautiful contrast for the deep green tree. The one thing I will say is it is very obvious when the pine needles begin to fall off the tree onto the rug, so I have been constantly picking them off to keep the rug appearing perfectly pure. Otherwise, I love it and I can’t wait to start piling presents under the tree 🙂 I have a few other faux fur pieces in my apartment that really compliment this tree skirt as well, which make me love it even more! I picked it up at Home Goods for $49.99, so I don’t have an exact link, but I can provide link to similar ones below.


More fur! This is my table runner (center piece) on my dining room table. My dining room table is a dark Mahogany wood, so this beautiful white table runner really pops. I also added some fun pieces with the santa boot (fur again) and gold sparkle wire Christmas trees. I picked up the table runner and trees at Pier 1 Imports and the santa boot (which turns on and is the cutest thing!) is another Homes Goods steal.

Okay! This will be my last fur-related decor item (sort-of). I LOVE accent pillows, I mean, who doesn’t? They are such a fun way to add some flavor to a room. So, of course I incorporated all things I love here: faux fur, glitter and holiday cheer. The faux fur blanket and brown / two-toned pillows are part of my everyday home decor. For the holidays, I’ve added these adorable santa belt pillows with the gemstone buckle detail to step up my couch game. These pillows are too small to be on my big couch alone, but they are perfect accent pieces to my already fur-filled couch!

tree-topperNow, it’s onto the snowflakes… I don’t know what it is, I just have  a thing for them this holiday season. I really put a lot of thought as to what I wanted to put on top of my tree. I mean, in terms of your tree- that’s a BIG deal. It’s kind of like the center piece of your tree. When I was younger my parents always had an angel at the top of our tree – we were never a star family. Now, in this more contemporary age of upside down santa boots and champagne bottles, they have moved on to a giant bow at the top of their tree, and I have chosen to go with this fabulous glitter-fied snowflake. It looks awesome when the sun hits it in the day and even better when the Christmas lights are glistening at night. I picked this little beauty up at Pier 1 Imports last season. Links at the bottom for more Christmas tree topper ideas!

snowflake-garland1Next up in the snowflake column is this amazing snowflake garland that I am completely obsessed with! I have about 10 strands of this – they are each about 6′ long. This garland is SOO glittery. Seriously, when I am decorating it kind of gets all over my hands and hardwood floors, but hey, that’s the nature of the business, right? It really brings the tree to life and adds a really fun dimension other than tree lights and ornaments, especially because the snowflakes are 3-D.


And the last holiday decoration that I want to talk about is one of my favorites, in a room that sometimes gets neglected from those Christmas decorations. I got these AMAZING dish towels from Pier 1 and think they are just the cutest thing. For my fellow dog lovers – these are the perfect dish towels to add as a decoration to your oven handle, and you can even leave them up through the winter season 🙂


Follow the links below to find where I’ve picked up some of my favorite holiday decor items!

  • Tree Skirt: Home Goods; similar here or here
  • Table Runner & Trees: Pier 1 Imports: get it here & here
  • Santa Pillow: Pier 1 Imports: get it here
  • Snowflake Tree Topper: Pier 1 Imports: get it here
  • Snowflake Tree Garland: Nordstrom last season 😦
  • Doggy Dish Towels: Pier 1 Imports: get it here & here


Don’t forget to subscribe & follow my IG account if you like what you see! Much more to come through the holiday season! Xoxo – M

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