Hi loves, thank you so much for stopping by! MaraculouStyle is a blog by me, Mara Kievit, a 25 year old from Northern New Jersey. Passionate about staying up to date on all things trending as well as finding the next new thing, my blog features all sorts of style updates. You’ll also find plenty of how-tos and where-tos so you can keep your own styles up to date, too!

A fashion addict, makeup lover, decor freak, food connoisseur and fitness guru, I am so excited to share the things that inspire me in order to provide inspiration to others! Style is my thing, and I love expressing my current feels in my own way.

Follow me and stay up to date on what styles I’m into at the moment. Change is so good, and I love being able to embrace changes around me whether it’s affecting my wardrobe, my makeup choice, my workout, my diet regimen or my life. Continue evolving, life is too short to remain stagnant.

Xoxo – M